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Maja Ma Is Just The Beginning; Prime Video’s Aparna Purohit Reveals

Prime Video has launched the trailer of much talked about Madhuri Dixit starrer Maja Ma. Although Prime Video is known for bringing a great number of films directly on its platform, they have never released any original film.

An original film is different from licensed films and direct to OTT releases. Licensed films come to a platform after a theatrical run and direct-to-OTT releases are initially planned for theatres but end up released directly on OTT. Bhool Bhulaiya is an example of a licensed film while Babli Bouncer is that of a direct to OTT release.

But an original film is like Thar, which is produced by the streaming platforms themselves.

So, long story short, Maja Ma is purely an Amazon original film that will be released on 6th October.

In an interview, Amazon Prime Video’s head Aparna Purohit revealed that Maja Ma is just the beginning. Prime Video is surely bringing Tamil and Telugu original films while they are exploring content in Kannada and Malayalam.

So it is great news that Prime Video is indeed looking for such a diverse audience as they are exploring multiple genres in multiple languages.

Talking about Maja Ma, Purohit said “It’s the story of this quintessential Indian family – on the surface, everything is beautiful, but often enough, the way it happens in any Indian family, when there is a big festival or there is a marriage, and everyone comes together, that’s the time that all the issues that you shoved under the carpet, all the skeletons from the closet come out.”

It would be really interesting to see what comes out of the closet in Maja Ma. Till then, stay tuned to Binged for all updates from the OTT industry.

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