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Feels Like Home Season 2 Trailer: Plot, Cast, OTT Platform, Date

The trailer for the upcoming series Feels Like Home Season 2 is now out. In case you are unaware, the series is owned by Lionsgate Play and that is where it will stream. The first season of the series got released in June and after mixed ratings, they are already coming up with the second season.

Regardless, it is their second season which revolves around youth and Gen Z. The first one is Jugaadistan which was released in March.

This also talks about young people who are troubled with love, friendship, fun, and everything that comes bundled.

Feels Like Home Stars Anshuman Malhotra, Mihir Ahuja, Preet Kammani, and Vishnu Kaushal in the lead alongside Himika Bose and Inayat Sood.

But why are such shows still in production? The Indian entertainment industry has sufficiently romanticized college life where they show rich people’s problems which NEVER include studies. Yes, we hardly see series such as College Romance, Feels Like Home and so talking about problems that students actually face.

They can be studies, financial problems, and even mental health. But alas, the enormous success of Kota Factory had zero impact on the makers of Feels Like Home.

Overall, there is nothing in this trailer you would find new. The same ghisa pita and highly unrealistic college life is not something today’s gen z want and its high time makers understand it.

Regardless, Feels Like Home Season 2 will be released on Lionsgate Play on October 7th.

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