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Don’t Miss This Brilliant K-Drama Now Streaming On Prime Video

Korean content has been in high demand on streamers for quite some time. The humongous hit of Squid Game only increased the hype around them. With Prime Video acquiring quite a few Korean dramas as of late, the latest addition to the streamer is the ‘SKY Castle’ one of the most successful Korean dramas to ever come out of South Korea.

SKY Castle is a satirical series that closely looks at the materialistic desires of upper-class parents in South Korea and how they ruthlessly secure the successes of their families at the cost of destroying others’ lives. The drama revolves around the lives of housewives residing in a luxurious residential area called SKY Castle (a reference to the elite universities) in suburban Seoul, where wealthy doctors and professors live. The wives are determined to make their husbands more successful and to raise their children to be top students who will be accepted at the best universities, so they use every possible way to get that.

From affairs to murders, this series is a whole genre all by itself. If you feel you wouldn’t like it, let me tell you I did too initially. But out of curiosity about what was so special about this series, I gave it a try. I was so engaged in the series that I then binged the whole series within a matter of 3-4 days. The series is a masterpiece, and every episode ends with a cliffhanger that makes you automatically start watching the next episode.

The premise is well built and the performances are pitch perfect. The director is impressively successful in blending humor and intense moments with effortless ease, and the screenplay is brilliant and rarely slows down, keeping the viewers engrossed in what’s happening.

There is no other way to say this. You are missing out on a brilliantly written intense kdrama, unlike anything you have ever seen. ‘SKY Castle’ is one of the best dramas out there and once you finish the last episode, you’d be wondering why you haven’t heard of or watched it sooner.

My advice? Don’t miss it. Go watch it. Now!

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