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Suzhal – The Vortex Review – Engaging Small-Town Mystery Thriller

What Is the Story About?

Suzhal – The Vortex is set in a small town in Tamil Nadu. It is a close-knit community where everyone knows every other person. All hell breaks loose in the lives of Shanmugam (R Parthiban) and Inspector Regina Thomas (Sriya Reddy) when the former’s daughter, Nila (Gopika Ramesh), is kidnapped. 

Who is the kidnapper? Did the police find Nila, or there is a twist in the tale? The answer to these questions is Suzhal – The Vortex’s primary plot line. 


Kathir, Aishwarya Rajesh, R Parthiban, and Sriya Reddy play the leading roles in the series. Everyone has got well-written parts and full-fledged character arcs. It isn’t, therefore, a surprise that they deliver and leave one impressed. 

Kathir the youngest of the lot, gets a meaty role playing police. There are no heavy-duty emotional moments, but he keeps the narrative sharp with his quite yet energetic presence. In the key sequences, he rises to the occasion like a true hero and conveys the necessary. 

Aishwarya Rajesh comes into the picture a little late but is immediately into the thick of the action. She delivers a solid act as one expects from her. The role subsequently takes a backseat (run-time-wise) during the final few episodes, but it consists of the most emotional moments. 

R Parthiban and Sriya Reddy are a solid addition to the cast. Sriya Reddy brings back her aggressive act of the yore, whereas Parthiban gives an intense portrayal of a father and workers union leader. Along with Sriya Reddy, the quartet becomes the four pillars on which the entire series rests. 


Pushkar-Gayathri are the creators cum writers of the series Suzhal – The Vortex. Bramma G and A Murugaiyan direct the whodunit series. 

Suzhal – The Vortex begins on a chaotic note. There is a big incident at the factory, and then the whole set of characters and subsequent local festivity make it look a little all over the place. 

However, things settle by the end of the first episode itself. The kidnapping angle and the quick relatability with various ‘key’ characters are what make it possible. 

The writing and performances are spot-on, and so is the editing. The narrative moves smoothly despite multiple characters, and the story never feels clumsy despite so much happening. The way the local deity, festival and religious angle are woven into the narrative is brilliant. 

The whole thing raises the stakes in the narrative in classic whodunit style. Some parts are predictable, but ultimately the suspense element is carried out efficiently. 

However, towards the final portions of the series, one gets a feeling that the makers are in a rush to get to the predictable end. The way some threads end lack the wow factor or is very predictable. We can feel that with the Trilok Vadde’s track and how it ends. 

Also, after all the build-up, the ending can be seen from miles away. While the ‘guessing’ part is a mixed bag, the way its executed is superb and maintains the grip. 

Overall, Suzhal – The Vortex is a well-scripted and acted thriller cum drama. The technical efficiency further enhances the appeal. It is an easy one-time watch for thriller genre lovers. 

Other Artists?

The series is filled with actors who do well irrespective of their lengths. Some of them have good characters and impress even in a short run time. 

Elango Kumaravel shines the most when he gets the chance. Harish Uthaman’s character is different from usual outings, but more than that, he plays a key role narrative-wise. Gopika Ramesh and FJ are fine as teenage friends cum lovers. Their track lends an emotional undercurrent to the proceedings after a point. Santhana Bharathi is a welcome presence, as always. He gets an intriguing part that remains on the fringes for the most part. But, when the time comes, he hits the mark. Prem Kumar, Nitish Veera and others are also fine in their minor roles. 

Music and Other Departments?

The background score by Sam CS is terrific. It adds to the mood and gives the proceedings energy and momentum. After his recent impressive work for Saani Kaayidham, this is another memorable outing for him. 

Mukeshwaran’s cinematography is excellent. The small-town vibe is captured wonderfully, along with adding a mystical feel to it. Richard Kevin’s editing is critical to the enjoyment of the whole show. If not for his sharpness, the entire narrative could have easily turned out to be a mess.







Predictable Parts 


Loses Momentum At Times 

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