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Netflix Planning Live Streaming Feature! Stand-Ups In The Pipeline

Netflix is ailing and we are aware of that. After the massive loss in the subscriber count, the streaming giant is taking many whimsical steps. One of them is going after the password sharing feature.

But finally, the platform is bringing some sort of creativity. Although it will be a meagre step, it is important nonetheless.

According to reports, Netflix is bringing live streaming features and originals. Netflix has confirmed that it was in the early stages of development, and will target unscripted shows and stand-up specials.

It means that Netflix may bring a live voting feature if there are dance and music reality shows. It brings a healthy chance for the return of “Netflix Is A Joke” but in a live streaming manner with hardly a delay of a few seconds.

Overall, this is a nice feature that would attract many subscribers. Because even after a lot of controversies, “Netflix Is A Joke” was a highly popular show with some really great performances.

Not only stand-up specials but unscripted shows such as reunions, and reality shows are also getting considered by the platform in the same live streaming feature.

Although they are yet to announce any series officially, stay tuned to Binged for all the updates regarding OTT.

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