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Anthony Mackie’s ‘Twisted Metal’ Series Gets Its Lead Actress

The upcoming ‘Twisted Metal’ series starring Marvel star Anthony Mackie in the lead role has brought in Stephanie Beatriz for an important role in the show, which is currently under development. The Argentina-born American actress has previously been a part of the popular comedy series ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ besides voice acting in Disney’s ‘Encanto’ and DC’s animated superhero movie ‘Catwoman: Hunted’, amongst others.

In the ‘Twisted Metal’ series, Stephanie Beatriz will be essaying a character called Quiet, who is being described as an unstoppable, ferocious car thief who acts on her instincts. Owing to her dark past, her character tries to make her own place in the ruthless post-apocalyptic world. She forms a unique bond with the show’s protagonist John Doe.

The ‘Twisted Metal’ series is a live-action adaptation of the vehicular combat PlayStation videogame of the same name that first came out in the year 1995. ‘Twisted Metal’ was a black-humor, non-racing motorsport game where the players could choose a vehicle to engage in a battle with competing drivers, and the last driver alive was considered to be the winner.

Set in a half-hour episodic format, the action-comedy series follows a non-stop talker and a terrific driver John Doe (played by Anthony Mackie), who is portrayed as a milkman with no past memory. The protagonist is given the task of delivering a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, that will enable him to lead a better life. With a car thief accompanying him, he will have to face fierce vehicular combat and other dangers during his mission. The ‘Twisted Metal’ series is expected to release sometime in the year 2023.

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